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不正対策コンサルタント/Anti-Fraud Consultant

年収:800万 ~ 1800万


部署・役職名 不正対策コンサルタント/Anti-Fraud Consultant
仕事内容 ビジネス開発、営業およびその他関連する管理業務、不正対策に係るコンサルティング業務を行います。



Business development management, sales, fraud management, other related finance management and consulting.
Senior and Management positions are also considered based on experience.

The role will involve activities in the following areas:
■Business Development:
 ・Internal and external business and technical consulting and sales management in fraud using Japanese and English to maintain growth and establish a more competitive business.
 ・Competitive market analysis, sales performance evaluation, risk analysis, cyber advisory, researching (e.g. market niches) and planning new initiatives.
 ・Learning, understanding, discussing and reporting on fraud and fraud solutions.
 ・Establishing long-term business relationships with clients in multiple industries and companies.
 ・Creating and executing sustainable high ROI business plans, interfacing, negotiations and alignment with external clients to maximize profit. This will include understanding product and service offerings and working with external clients to understand their objectives to create new solutions.
 ・Identifying and executing new M&A opportunities.
 ・Attending industry events to expand collaborations, creating new appointments, and organizing the engagements.

■Program Management
 ・Presentations, verbal and written language translation between Japanese and English, tracking, reporting, scheduling, budget, training, planning and preparation.
応募資格 ・日本語/英語バイリンガル:必須

・Japanese / English bi-lingual mandatory and non-negotiable.
・Masters Degree with 7+ years experience in consulting, line management, business development or business strategy in risk, fraud, finance, fintech, biotech, economics, compliance, energy, food and beverages, public relations, legal, law enforcement, defense, or government.
・Historical annual ROI business contributions of at least 1 billion JPY, 10 million USD or equivalent currency including efforts of team and collaborators.
・Demonstrated superior interpersonal communication and program management skills (e.g. agile methodology, waterfall design, roadmap, schedules, prioritization, etc.) with executives or line management stakeholders from top organizations in Japan.
・Demonstrated budget management of at least 100 million JPY, 1 millions USD or equivalent currency per year either in a vertical or horizontal capacity.



更新日 2024/05/27
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