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Supply Chain Management Specialist

年収:800万 ~ 1200万




  • 東京都

    • 会社規模101-500人
  • 機械
  • 精密・計測機器
  • 医療機器メーカー
部署・役職名 Supply Chain Management Specialist
仕事内容 Based in Tokyo, Japan, the position will be responsible for orchestrating all facets of supply chain, encompassing demand planning, import/export, warehouse operations, domestic transportation, and associated activities. The overarching objective is to ensure the seamless flow of Finished Goods and Service Parts to our valued customers while upholding quality standards, fostering stability, and optimizing supply chain costs.

The Supply Chain Management Specialist will conduct meticulous analysis of weekly, monthly, and quarterly forecast accuracy, facilitating informed ordering decisions under the guidance of management.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Execute inventory management tasks for designated product lines in adherence to established procedures and guidelines, collaborating closely with managerial or senior staff support.
• Actively participate in supply chain-related meetings, including Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning (SIOP), offering valuable insights and contributions.
• Contribute to demand forecast analysis and maintenance, continuously monitoring inventory levels to prevent backorders and minimize excess or expired inventory.
• Collaborate cross-functionally with Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Marketing, and other teams to address supply chain requirements for new product launches and revisions.
• Independently resolve minor issues, while promptly escalating complex or critical matters for guidance from managerial or senior staff.
• Collaborate with team members to identify opportunities for quality management, risk mitigation, cost reduction, and process enhancement.
• Serve as a liaison with corporate team members to facilitate system delivery and returns, ensuring adherence to timelines and objectives.
• Coordinate with Area Sales Managers, Carriers, and third-party logistics (3PL) partners to facilitate the timely delivery and trade-in of system carts.
• Manage relationships with 3PL partners and forwarders to optimize importing and warehouse operations, actively seeking opportunities to enhance efficiency and quality.

• Conduct comprehensive trend analysis and report key performance indicators (KPIs) to management on a monthly basis, offering contextual insights and proposing strategies for improvement as needed.


• Strong knowledge and a minimum of 5 years experiences in demand planning or supply planning and inventory control.
• Proficient in Logical thinking and analytical skill.
• Excellent communication skills and serious/dependable character
• Proficient in MS office applications(Excel, Word and PowerPoint) with experience in basic Excel functions such as “VLOOKUP” or “XLOOKUP”, ”IF statements” and pivot table
• Business-level proficiency in written and verbal English; native-level proficiency in Japanese.
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a utility player, adapting to various roles and responsibilities.


• Previous experience in the medical device/supplies industry.
• Experience in SAP or other enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
• Negotiation skills and experience in English.
• Experience in third-party logistics (3PL) management.

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  • インテュイティブサージカル合同会社
  • 東京都

    • 会社規模101-500人
  • 機械
  • 精密・計測機器
  • 医療機器メーカー
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