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【管理職】Data Group Manager/グローバル環境で活躍!

年収:1100万 ~ 1500万




  • 東京都

    • 資本金2,104百万円
    • 会社規模501-5000人
  • 医薬品メーカー
  • 医療機器メーカー
部署・役職名 【管理職】Data Group Manager/グローバル環境で活躍!
仕事内容 About the department
Join us, a leading Danish Pharmaceutical Company focused to making a difference for people living with chronic diseases. With a proud history spanning more than 100 years and record growth over the last decade, we currently rank as the most valuable company in Europe by Market Capitalization. We invite the right person with a passion for Data to become a part of our Japan’s Digital, Data & IT (DD&IT) Department.

The position
As a Data Group Manager, you will drive a growing team of 6, managing our data platform to design, develop, and maintain the various data products for commercial departments, enabling use-cases ranging from mission-critical tasks like tracking sales performance for our 700 Sales Representatives, to innovative initiatives like recommendation engines capable forecasting the "Next Best Action" to engage any given customer. As the local Product Owner of our Snowflake-based Data Platform, you will bridge the gap between Business Stakeholders and the Technical Team and liaise between the local Japanese and Global Data Organizations. You need to maintain a prioritized backlog, and ensure requirements are documented, transparent and effectively relayed to your team. Also, you will drive and develop your team, while overseeing their work to ensure adherence to best practices, both related to technical aspects and ways-of-working.

Other tasks include, but are not limited to:

-Advise and negotiate with your internal customers to know their priorities, manage their expectations, and ensure the value realization of our deliverables. Manage cross-departmental governance and processes around our data operations, including necessary Organizational Change Management.
-Be passionate about the data space and follow the latest trends in data engineering practice, technology and use cases such as Business Intelligence and AI.
-Be a strong communicator and negotiator, capable of managing expectations and fostering trust among many demanding stakeholders with competing priorities.
-Be a proactive leader and opinionated not only when it comes to technical best practices and ways-of-working, but also take a strong interest in the business application of data. For every dataset in your scope, you naturally seek to know the whole “value chain”, including how it is generated, how it is transformed and combined, how it affects downstream systems, the use-cases it enables, and ultimately the business value it creates.
-Manage to keep track of the big picture, even while “firefighting”, and you have a keen eye for avoiding technical debt and complexity-creep, striving for minimalistic, general, robust solutions over use-case specific, ad-hoc implementations whenever possible.


-Must have a minimum bachelor’s degree.
-Minimum of 4 years of experience as a Data and/or Analytics Professional (Engineer, Architect, Scientist, Manager, Consultant, etc.)
-Minimum of 2 years of experience with Agile and DevOps (Experience as Product Owner is highly preferred), following the latest data trends, and having experience in implementing modern data DevOps Best practices to ensure data democratization and self service of our platforms among our business stakeholders.
-Minimum of 2 years of experience with People Management (Preferably including implementation and change management of modern Agile/DevOps best practice)
-Fluent in Japanese and English is essential.

アピールポイント 自社サービス・製品あり 外資系企業 女性管理職実績あり 従業員数1000人以上 創立30年以上 産休・育休取得実績あり ストックオプション制度あり 教育・研修制度充実 管理職・マネージャー 完全土日休み フレックスタイム



更新日 2024/05/09
求人番号 3517269


  • ノボノルディスクファーマ株式会社
  • 東京都

    • 資本金2,104百万円
    • 会社規模501-5000人
  • 医薬品メーカー
  • 医療機器メーカー
  • 会社概要

    We commit to an inclusive recruitment process and equality of opportunity for all our job applicants. We are happy to discuss flexible working, depending on the role and subject to business needs.



    【代表者】キャスパー ブッカ マイルヴァン
    【売上高】1,196億円 (2022年日本法人決算ベース)
    【従業員数】1,135名 (2023年12月末時点)

    医療用医薬品、医療機器の開発、輸入・製造、販売(インスリン、GLP-1、成長ホルモン、 血液凝固因子製剤、それらの投与に必要な注入器や注射針)