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Product Trainer - Workday Financials / Adaptive Planning

年収:800万 ~ 1100万




  • 東京都

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部署・役職名 Product Trainer - Workday Financials / Adaptive Planning
仕事内容 ◾️Your work days are brighter here.

In our company, it all began with a conversation over breakfast. When our founders met at a sunny California diner, they came up with an idea to revolutionize the enterprise software market. And when we began to rise, one thing that really set us apart was our culture. A culture which was driven by our value of putting our people first. And ever since, the happiness, development, and contribution of every Workmate is central to who we are. Our Workmates believe a healthy employee-centric, collaborative culture is the essential mix of ingredients for success in business. That’s why we look after our people, communities and the planet while still being profitable. Feel encouraged to shine, however that manifests: you don’t need to hide who you are. You can feel the energy and the passion, it's what makes us unique. Inspired to make a brighter work day for all and transform with us to the next stage of our growth journey? Bring your brightest version of you and have a brighter work day here.

◾️About the Team

Our Education team builds and delivers engaging and innovative learning solutions to help customers, partners, and workmate make the most of our unified solution. Our innovation doesn’t stop with our applications. It continues in our approach to learning. We provide training in innovative virtual classrooms and other technology centric environments that are crafted to make learning interactive and collaborative.

About the Role

Our Trainers are our outstanding ambassadors of ourselves and exceed at bridging the learning gap for users. We are specialists at embracing innovation and mastering technology. We are passionate about helping learners and representing our products, team, and organization.

As a Trainer, you will teach and certify our learners to provide them with financial and planning product expertise to have a successful journey. You should also be ready to work hard while having a lot of fun doing it!

◾️As a Financial / Planning Trainer, you will:
・Be the ambassadors of our company.
・Complete a training and qualification program and become proficient in the Workday product suite.
・Lead full days of training to audiences that can include customers, partners, and workmates.
・Mastering in different class environments and various instructing tools/technologies with the aim of providing the learners with the best learning experience.
・Use multifaceted presentation skills to engage your students and improve their learning experience.
・Handle anticipated or unforeseen classroom/virtual classes' situations in an utmost professional manner.
・Perform administrative responsibilities for classes you are conducting.
・Participate in frequent trainings to stay current with software updates. Learn and quickly master new product functionality.
・Become a professional in Workday Financials and/or Workday Adaptive Planning product suite and Cross Applications tools.
・Establish relationships with Workmates across teams to share standard methodologies, drive innovation, and meet goals.
・Participate in cross functional projects.

Japan, Tokyo


・Bachelor’s degree or relevant working experience is required. Advanced degree in Accounting/Finance or CPA preferred.
・3+ years’ experience in full scale ERP deployments or Financial Training Industry or experience working with enterprise financial applications such as Workday, PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP or etc.
・Language Skills: business proficient in English are required.


・Passion for education! Strong curiosity about learning, instructing, and mastering new technologies.
・Self-motivated and can work without direct supervision.
・You possess significant business knowledge in operational areas within a Finance/Accounting department. Adaptive Planning, or other Financial Planning & Analysis experience is desired.
・Experience in conducting virtual or in-person classes with a large audience is a plus point.
・Ability to unravel sophisticated ideas into simple concepts in helping audiences to easily absorb and retain such information.
・Excellent analytical and shown problem-solving skills both technically and functionally.
・Passionate about overcoming challenges and able to work independently towards success.
・Being agile and flexible while adapting to a changing environment.
・Willing to work optimally in any APAC / Japan time zone.
・Technical skills such as JSON, XSLT, XML, SQL is an advantage.

With Flex Work, we’re combining the best of both worlds: in-person time and remote. Our approach enables our teams to deepen connections, maintain a strong community, and do their best work. We know that flexibility can take shape in many ways, so rather than a number of required days in-office each week, we simply spend at least half (50%) of our time each quarter in the office or in the field with our customers, prospects, and partners (depending on role). This means you'll have the freedom to create a flexible schedule that caters to your business, team, and personal needs, while being intentional to make the most of time spent together. Those in our remote "home office" roles also have the opportunity to come together in our offices for important moments that matter.
アピールポイント 自社サービス・製品あり 外資系企業 女性管理職実績あり 上場企業 シェアトップクラス 2年連続売り上げ10%以上UP 年間休日120日以上 産休・育休取得実績あり 教育・研修制度充実


更新日 2024/04/05
求人番号 3400039


  • ワークデイ株式会社
  • 東京都

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  • 会社概要

     企業向けクラウド型 財務・人事、プランニング アプリケーションの営業とマーケティング

    Workday のすべては、朝食をとりながらの会話から始まりました。カリフォルニアの陽光降り注ぐダイナーで出会った創業者たちは、エンタープライズ ソフトウェア市場に革命を起こすというアイデアを思いつきました。そして、私たちが成長し始めたとき、私たちを本当に際立たせていたのは、私たちのカルチャーでした。Workdayのカルチャーは、「従業員を第一に考える」という私たちの価値観によって支えられています。社員一人ひとりの幸福、成長、貢献が私たちの中心的な存在となっています。従業員を中心とした健全で協力的な文化が、ビジネスで成功するために不可欠な要素だと考えています。



    1.私たちは社員を第一に考えています。「社員」は私たちのコアバリューの第一番目にあり、「Happy Workmates means happy customers」というフレーズは、常に私たちのビジネスの中心にあります。インクルージョン、ビロンギング、エクイティという考えに常に重きを置いており、その考えはVIBE(Value inclusion, belonging, and equity)という言葉で会社に根付いていて、社員が最優先に考えられています。ワークディでは多様性が受け入れられ、歓迎され、協力的で、革新的で、楽しく、全社員が活躍できるようサポートしています。


    3. キャリアアップのチャンスは無限にあるー私たちは互いに高め合い、刺激し合っています。また、Workdayには「Gig」というスキル開発のサポートプログラムがあり、別の部署にて新たな経験や業務、能力を得るための課題やプロジェクトに参加が可能です。

    4.私たちの仕事は、多くの人々に変化をもたらしています。私たちは企業の経営改善を支援し、従業員の日々の働き方をよりよくするお手伝いをしています。Fortune 500 企業の 50% が Workday を利用しており、世界中に約 10,000 社のお客様がいます。お客様は友人であり、私たちはお客様の声に真摯に耳を傾けています。私たちの製品やサービスに対する 4000 件以上のアイデアが、ユーザー コミュニティを通じて生み出されています。私たちは、たとえ困難であっても正しいことをすることが、何百万人々を幸せにすると信じています。