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Parks Technology_Information Security Analyst




合同会社ユー・エス・ジェイ(USJ LLC)

  • 大阪府

    • 資本金5,000百万円
    • 会社規模5001人以上
  • その他
  • 映画
  • 小売
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部署・役職名 Parks Technology_Information Security Analyst
仕事内容 Transformation and Guest Experiences of our park

*Welcome to the heart of technology innovation at our park! Join our Digital and Technology (Park Technology) team, a growing global presence in our company.  In the Technology team, you'll join our multicultural, bilingual setting, working on cutting-edge technologies that redefine the theme park experience. Your role is pivotal, setting the standard for new parks worldwide and making a lasting impact on the park business.*

*At our park your work directly contributes to enhancing the overall guest experience, ensuring that each visitor's journey is not only enjoyable but also seamless and efficient. Your innovations will make guests' lives easier, particularly as the park welcomes more visitors, by creating technological solutions that streamline their interactions, reduce wait times, and offer a more convenient and memorable visit. Join us in shaping a visitor-centric environment where every guest can effortlessly immerse themselves in the magic of park.*

*In addition to shaping the guest experience, your role in Technology extends to serving our internal customers—the dedicated team that makes the magic happen behind the scenes. You'll be instrumental in crafting tailored technology solutions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our Crew Members, contributing to a seamless and enjoyable work environment. As a key player in our technological landscape, you'll be pivotal in ensuring that our internal systems and processes align with the highest standards, empowering our team to deliver unforgettable moments to our guests. Join us in creating a holistic, technologically advanced environment where both external and internal customers thrive, setting new benchmarks in the realm of entertainment innovation.*

*Now is an exciting time to join our company.  Be at the forefront of shaping the new guest and Crew Member experience —this is the opportune moment to be on the ground, contributing to the very foundation of a transformative era in our parks.*

As an information security analyst, you will be responsible for ensuring information security in the park and promoting the proper handling of personal information in a leadership position.

●Information security incident response, consultation, and promotion reviews and studies
●Promotion of communication with the parent company
●Supervision and management of various information security audits
●Implementation of information security audits of subcontractors, vulnerability inspections, company-wide meetings on information security
●Investigation and analysis of information and trends related to security, determination of the degree of impact, and consideration of countermeasures
●Analyze logs of target systems
●Information sharing within the IT team based on the analysis results and collaboration with global teams

【Work environment】
As part of our MISSION to "Create the Best Workplace," we offer many unique services and events in addition to life plan support so that all crew members can feel "fun," "proud," and "the best place to work". The in-house SNS, which enables internal communication across generational and departmental boundaries, provides not only park information but also a rich variety of original content, allowing management and members to feel connected to each other.
労働条件 【休日・休暇】




●Basic IT skills
●Experience working in the information security field
●Native level of Japanese
●Business communication in English and confirmation of specifications, etc. by e-mail, documents, etc.
●CISSP / Information Security Specialist or other certifications

●Abe to enjoy interpersonal communication and are able to think logically, deeply and broadly, organize situations, and explain them clearly.
●Strong interest in cyber security and willingness to share what they have learned with other members to grow together.
アピールポイント 自社サービス・製品あり 外資系企業 ベンチャー企業 女性管理職実績あり 20代管理職実績あり 従業員数1000人以上 シェアトップクラス 年間休日120日以上 産休・育休取得実績あり Uターン・Iターン歓迎


更新日 2024/02/21
求人番号 3310948


合同会社ユー・エス・ジェイ(USJ LLC)
  • 合同会社ユー・エス・ジェイ(USJ LLC)
  • 大阪府

    • 資本金5,000百万円
    • 会社規模5001人以上
  • その他
  • 映画
  • 小売
  • その他
  • 会社概要

    【代表者】社長CEO ジャン・ルイ・ボニエ

    【 ワールドクラスの体験を生み出すビジネス】
    米国では、パークの入場者数がコロナ禍以前の水準を上回っており、日本でも同様の傾向が見込まれています。これからも「世界のエンターテイメント・リーディングカンパニー」として成長し続けていくために、世界中の多彩なプロフェッショナルを巻き込みながらビジネスを成功へ導く、グローバル・リーダーを求めています。「自分たちに限界を設けず、 昨日の自分を超えていく」という”NO LIMIT!”なSPIRITに共感できる方、ぜひご応募ください。