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【東京/品川】Interior Cocoon, Interior Radar, Camera technology, Product Technical Leader (System TPM)(ヴァレオジャパン/CDA/CIX/REQ2023029284/4◎)





  • 東京都

    • 会社規模501-5000人
  • 自動車・自動車部品
部署・役職名 【東京/品川】Interior Cocoon, Interior Radar, Camera technology, Product Technical Leader (System TPM)(ヴァレオジャパン/CDA/CIX/REQ2023029284/4◎)
仕事内容 【Mission】
- Technical leader in DMS based automotive embedded products.
- He defines the product's competitive architecture, ensuring its robustness and manufacturability, during the full development cycle for production projects or during the full development cycle for innovation projects.
- The product Technical Leader is responsible for the technical deliverables of R&D in the projects, is leading the technical team and ensures reporting to the project stakeholders.
- He is responsible for the detailed scheduling and budgeting of R&D activities, with support of “disciplines” ( Hardware, software, optic, IP, …)

【Highlight the main responsibilities】
- Lead his team to offer technically and economically competitive and robust solutions.
- Lead technical RFQ by proposing the optimised product architecture, and managing customer communication. (Meetings / Presentations / Conformity matrix...)
- Apply Valeo and Discipline development processes
- Manage innovative technical projects / Manage Platform P2 projects and Lead technical development during project development, including internal and external communication

- Define and maintain the generic Product Platform Architecture , and supervise (for system) / support (others) the application of the Product Platform Architecture
- Define, manage and apply standardisation rules and propose potential new or update standards based on customer request
- Specify, validate, release and maintain the Product Platform Architecture and its generic or variable elements, also taking into account the optimization of industrial assets
- Screen for relevant patent (IP) in the scope of his platform. Propose and write Patents
- Identify technology trends, market drivers and highlights, both from customer and competitor viewpoints.
- Manage the Cost Road Map, the Quality Roadmap and the Process Roadmap of the platform
- Ensure continuous Design-to-Cost approach
- Perform competition monitoring and product benchmarks
- Provide technical support to the P1/P0 team. (Issue solving, Monozukuri proposal...)
- Lead or participate to Product Design reviews of all display products
- Evaluate competency to develop in the Platform. Develop and provide training modules in the scope of the Platform
- Report and escalate to Product Platform Manager as needed
- Participate to the improve of the Platform documentation / communication / organisation
- Is able to define and choose the camera for new projects. Can support serial projects and define new camera standards
- He is able to improve the concept. Is able to make patents and LLC. Make training for employees.
- Defines camera solutions for new applications under guidance and approval of camera system architects from the platform. Is able to challenge the chosen solution with the customer.
- Defines DMS Software Solutions for new applications under guidance and approval of system architects from the platform. Is able to challenge the chosen solution with the customer.
- Is able to evaluate, test and validate the DMS solutions on table, in vehicle representative environment and in vehicle, with plans defined under guidance and approval of DMS platform.
- Is able to drive tuning sessions of DMS with the customer
- Is able to demonstrate and to guarantee the robustness of a technical solution, with a relevant engineering file including FMEA, Calculations, Validation Plan & Reports Masters the rules and constraints of the technical design and industrialization in the automotive industry, leading to choices which optimise the performances in terms of quality, manufacturability, cost. Knows how to establish and maintain technical standards.
- Has completed a technical knowledge by operational and in the field experiences and realisations, acquired in multiple situations, including problem solving. While mastering and respecting theory, is able to go beyond and propose practical and concrete solutions adapted to specific situations and conditions . Is recognized internally and externally as a reference in the technical domain. Masters the technical progress and continuously contributes to establish and maintain the technical leadership of the company.

- Demonstrator and Working products
- Schedules
- Reports, Analysis, Synthesis, Communication tools
- Customer matrix and presentations

【Detailed scheduling and budgeting】
- Contribute to the identification of the needs in terms of resources, equipments, investments
- Establish a detailed breakdown of the activities to meet the milestones. (Schedule and Workload)
- Follow activities and spending to meet his allowed budget

【Management of the contributors】
- Daily management of all R&D contributors, dedicated or not
- Assign to them the work packages needed and check the completeness of the deliverables
- Regular review with the Disciplines Department Manager to check alignment between needs and availabilities
労働条件 【勤務時間】
所定労働時間/日: 8時間 休憩 60分
コアタイム なし、


試用期間: 3カ月


3か月勤務後 3日付与(3か月後3日、7カ月後10日、1年後から毎年20日付与





Engineering school
General or specialised to his Discipline

- Minimum 5 years required in automotive industry related to DMS
- Experience with development for mass production of DMS could be useful
- Experience within team management
- Experience as leader for large and complex projects

Persons who have the following design experiences
- Optical design (WANT)
- Image processing system architecture design (MUST)
- Machine learning application design (MUST)
- Software design (WANT)
- The experience of requirements analysis (MUST)
- The experience of Automotive products development (MUST)
- Negotiation skills to handle Customer demands and requirement (MUST)

アピールポイント 自社サービス・製品あり 外資系企業 従業員数1000人以上 教育・研修制度充実 女性管理職実績あり シェアトップクラス 年間休日120日以上 産休・育休取得実績あり 創立30年以上


「就業場所が屋外である」、「就業場所によって対策内容が異なる」、「対策内容は採用時までに通知する」 などの場合がその他となります。面接時に詳しい内容をご確認ください
更新日 2024/02/15
求人番号 3289209


  • 株式会社ヴァレオジャパン
  • 東京都

    • 会社規模501-5000人
  • 自動車・自動車部品
  • 会社概要

    ヴァレオジャパン 会社紹介

    フランス・パリに本社を置く、自動車部品のグローバルサプライヤー ヴァレオ社の日本法人です。世界33か国にビジネス展開しています。


    ヴァレオは 2050 年までにカーボンニュートラルを達成することにコミットし、2030 年までに目標の 45%を実現する予定です。 2030 年までに、ヴァレオの CO2排出量は、サプライヤーの排出量、自社の事業活動、製品の最終用途を含め、バリューチェーン全体で 2019 年と比較して 45%減少する予定です。 2050 年までに、ヴァレオは自社のすべての事業活動と世界中のサプライチェーン全体でカーボンニュートラルを達成し、ヨーロッパでは 100%カーボンニュートラル(製品の最終用途を含む)になります。

    テクノロジー企業であり、すべての自動車メーカーとニューモビリティプレーヤーのパートナーであるヴァレオは、モビリティ をよりクリーンで、より安全で、よりスマートにするためにたゆまずイノベーションを行っています。 ヴァレオは、低電圧、高電圧と、電動サーマルソリューションの 3 つの専門分野を組み合わせた電動化の 加速、ADAS(先進運転支援技術)の加速、より安全で、より没入型で、より接続された運転体験への乗客の要求を満たすインテリア・エクスペリエンスの再創出と、ブランドのスタイルとアイデンティティを主張し、車とその周囲とのコミュニケーションを改善し、車内の快適性を高めるライティングエブリウェアの推進において、技術的・工業的分野の世界的なリーダ ーです。 モビリティの変革に不可欠なこれらの 4 分野は、今後数年間のグループの成長を推進します。これらの技術革新をより強化していくために、これまで以上の人材資源の投資にも力を入れていきます。

    2021 年、グループは 173 億ユーロの売上を記録し、OEM 売上の 12%を研究開発に投資しました。 2021 年 12 月 31 日現在、ヴァレオは 184 カ所の工場、21 カ所の研究センター、43 カ 所の開発センター、16 カ所の流通プラットフォームを構え、世界 31 か国で 103,300 人の従業員を擁しています。

    空調システム、コンプレッサ、フロントエンドモジュール、ラジエータ、 スイッチ、内装部品、センサー、運転・駐車支援システム、 ワイパー、ランプ、スタータ、オルタネータなど