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【外資系/デジタルインフラストラクチャー】デザインマネージャー/Design Manager






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    • 会社規模501-5000人
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部署・役職名 【外資系/デジタルインフラストラクチャー】デザインマネージャー/Design Manager
仕事内容 ■Who are we?



■Job Profile Summary
Design Manager is responsible for design decisions related to a portfolio of datacenter projects which can include: new construction, phased expansion, retrofits and upgrades, acquisition conversions, mechanical and electrical equipment selections, and standards upgrades in either a specific region or globally. They are an exceptional industry professional progressing towards becoming a recognized expert on datacenter design. The Design Senior Manager critically assesses design decisions with consultation with more senior staff across disciplines and applies required our standards and country specific regulations to make the best design choices. They manage the relationship and output of key design partners and equipment suppliers for their assigned projects and critically assess and escalate issues where the relationship with such partners is not meeting expectations.

Design Process
・Owns and leads a design process, interacting with Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical Partners (MEPs), and other design partners to deliver a portfolio of world class datacenters with a strong focus on technical excellence, mission critical resilience and cost management
・Reviews and contributes to the development of globally standardized tools, techniques and processes for the management and reporting of the design process
・Works with peers in other regions to drive consistency and technical excellence on design and delivery practices and methodologies
Thinks and acts in a global manner, considering the applicability of any design decision, innovations or standards changes for all regions

In the regional role:
・Obtains site-specific conditions, utility and infrastructure design, costs and availability of utilities, liaison with planning authorities and local logistics including site logistics during construction and phasing
・Provides locally informed and compliant infrastructure design, supply information to and collaborate with the master planning function
・Provides local design engineering to support site specific changes to templates
・Reviews the masterplan for delivery and submits to senior staff for approval

In the Center of Excellence role:
・Conducts the master planning of expansion portfolio using global design standards and templates; incorporating regional information to apply these to the inception of projects
・Generates project visualization, initial model using reference design templates and cost estimate for business case inception
・Liaises with regional team to incorporate local infrastructure into the design
・Liaises with construction cost team regionally and globally to assist business case generation

Cross-Functional Coordination
・Maintains interpersonal relationships with internal technical staff, external design consulting partners, construction management, commercial management, and regional P&L holders to ensure appropriate stakeholder exposure and buy in to IBX projects
・Appropriately leverages the center of excellence teams and more senior Design staff to augment their individual technical expertise to ensure all facets of the datacenter design are adequately considered and approved
・Manages internal and external resources via their influence and outstanding competencies

Project Management
・Indirectly manages experienced electrical and mechanical engineering staff in the Independent Technical Review and Innovation & Development teams to deliver a portfolio of world-class datacenter designs on time and to budget
・Directly responsible for managing the design schedule for assigned projects to ensure on time creation and review of Basis of Designs (BODs), Real Estate Investment Committee (REIC) Submissions, and design documentation for Issued for Permit (IFP) and Issued for Construction (IFC) sets

In the regional role:
・Works hand-in-hand with construction managers, general contractors and subcontractors to deliver projects during construction once the design phase is completed and ensure projects are fully documented and closed out
・Manages, with the aid of the commercial management team, design budgets and controls change management requests during the construction phase, in consultation with the Construction Manager

In the Center of Excellence role:
・Works hand-in-hand with the regional design teams and Construction Managers to deliver Concept Designs and Standards that support the delivery of world class datacenters
・Manages, with the aid of the commercial management team, the costs of the designs to ensure appropriate balancing of cost flexibility and global standardisation

Design Oversight
・Stays up-to-date on advancements in design being investigated by the centers of excellence teams to ensure technologies support future IBX design and construction needs and feeds back information to construction for incorporation of changes
・Ensures designs meet our Global Design Standards and the business needs for capacity, density, and function

労働条件 【勤務地】東京 天王洲オフィス


【勤務時間】 9:00-18:00  ※フレックスあり






・7+ years experience in a Design MEP Firm or in the design team of a Mission Critical Building operator or subcontractor, OR 7+ years experience as an Architectural lead in a Mission Critical Architectural Design Practice preferred
・MSc in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering OR MSc in Architecture is preferred, BSc acceptable or extensive and demonstrable experience in role, Architects to hold RA or AIA
・Language skill: business level Japanese and entry level English
・PE desirable but not essential

アピールポイント 自社サービス・製品あり 外資系企業 シェアトップクラス 2年連続売り上げ10%以上UP ストックオプション制度あり 教育・研修制度充実 資格支援制度充実


更新日 2023/01/23
求人番号 2486730


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  • 東京都

    • 会社規模501-5000人
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