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Market Quality Manager(マーケットクオリティマネージャー)

年収:1100万 ~ 1600万


部署・役職名 Market Quality Manager(マーケットクオリティマネージャー)
仕事内容 Segment/Business Unit:MULTI SEGMENT MARTKET UNIT - Japan

◆Job Purpose/Overview
“Quality” is our first principle in our 5 principle and it sets the fundamentals of our business success towards our Petcare and Confectionary business visions (“Better World for Pets”, and “More Moments, More Places, and More Smiles”). This role plays a critical role to protect our business and drives customer / consumer satisfactions through better quality products / services and is accountable for all quality performance in Japan for Petcare and Confectionary business.
This position would be required to come to the TOK office less than 50% of the month (normally maximum two days per week or less) when required.
・「品質」は、当社の5つの原則の最初の原則であり、ペットケアおよびコンフェクショナリーの事業ビジョン(「Better World for Pets」「More Moments, More Places, and More Smiles」)に向けた事業成功の基本と定めています。このポジションは、当社のビジネスを守り、より良い品質の製品・サービスを通じて顧客・消費者の満足を得るために重要な役割を担い、日本におけるペットケアおよび菓子事業のすべての品質パフォーマンスについて責任を負います。

◆Key Responsibilities
●Accountable for Quality Performance in the market:
・Drive continuous quality improvements for high priority business issue, risk, and/or concerns by effectively and engagingly influencing regional and factory leadership members.
・Drive quality performance visibility to Japan business leadership team, relevant sourcing factories, and the regional quality community. Lead regular quality review sessions with such stakeholders.
・Accountable for compliance for secondary co-packing*, logistic distribution, novelty, and package material in Japan (e.g. Repack, Sticker labeling, Sales & consumer promotion activity, etc.). Collaborate with the governance role in R&D Quality Community. [*Note: “secondary copack” includes repack, sticker labeling, and sorting, while “primary” copack includes naked product packing. R&D is accountable for “primary copack” and product co-manufacturing on top of governance for secondary copack.]
・Initiate escalation for any unresolved quality issues and/or risks, and drive resolution by influencing to leadership members at factories and/or region.
・Actively contribute to Regional Quality Forum.

●Quality Incident Management:
・At the time of a critical quality incident, lead a quality incident management process in Japan Market Unit. Lead a business risk assessment with each function leaders (such as Sales, Supply, Regulatory, Legal/Lawyer, and Quality in Japan, and Q&FS Manager in relevant factory and/or region). Recommend a team’s proposal to Japan General Manager and Regional/Global approvers.

●Preventative actions for new product or any change:
・Accountable for a preventative quality improvement application to new projects and changes via our project management process, with the strong collaboration with activity management team.
・Support Quality Management Process and Global Standard Compliance:
・Drive Quality Management Process (QMP) in Japan Market Unit. Represent Japan to be audited for Corporate Audit Program. Lead local and regional internal audit programs.
・Drive compliance to our global standards in Japan with deep understanding the series of such global standards through the supports from the regional QMP manager.
・Train and engage all Japan associates including the Leadership Team for compliance to the QMP and other standards.

●Team development
・Manage a team delivery and performance of Japan market quality team. Develop talents in the team for their personal development and business delivery.
・Drive engagements of associates in the team and Japan supply chain / activity management team. Drive x-functional collaboration among all functions in Japan and in the region.
・Recommend organization structure to deliver the best results in meaningful and affordable manner.

◆Context and Scope
・Own quality performance in the market unit (Petfood and Confectionary) for products replenished from several factories. Interface to those factories, typically outside of Japan to drive quality improvements and issue resolutions. Communication will be in English via telephone, email, and face-to-face meetings.
・Reports to local market Supply Chain Director and a member of the local supply chain leadership team.
・Supervise supporting contractors for execution of data analysis and summary, reworking, and quality check.
・Collaborate with Regional central quality team for market unit community in the region.

労働条件 【労働条件】詳細は⾯談の際にお伝えいたします(1100〜1550万円⽬安)


・A Bachelor's degree in Food Science/Technology or related science/technical discipline
・Experience within an R&D/Q&FS is required and experience in auditing of Quality Management Systems. Science background and a history of delivery; HACCP knowledge.
・2 yrs experience working in similar role in FMCG company
・Quality management principles
・ Excellent communication skill in Japanese and business level English is required
・Quality management
・Strong understanding of Food Safety, HACCP and Hygiene principles
・Process control
・Incident management
・Technical problem solving – Root cause analysis
・International influence skill
・Team management
・Excel,Word,PowerPoint,and others



・Growth Mind Set
・Priority Setting;
・Conflict management
・Comfort around higher management
・Business acumen
・People Leader
・Develops Talent
・Engages Associates
・Quality Cultureの展開




更新日 2022/08/10
求人番号 2075143




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