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Advanced Scientist for Electronics【群馬勤務】★英語を活かせる案件

年収:800万 ~ 1000万


部署・役職名 Advanced Scientist for Electronics【群馬勤務】★英語を活かせる案件
仕事内容 Position Summary:
Develop new silicone-based compositions addressing the needs of growing portfolio of specialty materials such as thermal interface materials (TIM) for Consumer, Semiconductor, Automotive, and Industrial Electronics applications

【Job Description:】

★New Product/Formulation Development★
• Develop prototype formulations/products and optimize existing product range based on the market insights and customers’ performance and quality requirements (CTQs)
• Plan and execute detailed experimental programs agreed upon with line manager
• Integrate seamlessly into the Global Electronics team, work cross-functionally with Global Technology, Marketing, and Sales Departments to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions addressing current and future business opportunities
• Collaborate with Commercial team to collect the voice of customers (VOCs) and feed into product development
• Prepare samples for customers and collect their feedback to further enhance the performance of the product to meet customer CTQs
• Provide technical support and respond to inquiries from both domestic and overseas customers
• Analyses / characterizes raw materials and formulated samples, critically compiles, reviews, arranges and interprets experimental data to identify possible relationships, and utilizes them for advancement of technology
• Discusses and communicates project results both verbally and in a written report with line manager
• Maintains timely, accurate and (witnessed) lab notebooks and prepare technical reports in order to build the knowledge database and to provide the records required to safeguard experimental data
• Conduct research on scientific papers and patents to understand technology field and competitive IP landscape
• Seek opportunities to file new patents and to present research findings at trade shows, symposia, conferences and publish in scientific journals
• Evaluates and analyses technical advancements and market needs in electronics business and develops proposed actions to convert opportunities into business growth

★Safety, Continuous Improvement and Others★
• Active engagements in EHS management systems and comply with site EHS procedures
• Contribute to continuously improve laboratory safe working practices by identifying and reporting any unsafe working environment, make suggestion how to improve it, and actively participate in implementation of countermeasures

労働条件 <想定勤務地>群馬県太田市

休日:年間125日 (土曜日、日曜日、国民の祝日、年末年始、その他特別休日)
休暇:年次有給休暇(初年度4月入社10日 最高20日) その他、育児介護休暇、積立休暇、慶弔休暇、夏季休暇、ボランティア休暇等制度あり

8:00 –16:30(太田事業所)フレックスタイム制度あり (休憩時間12:00-13:00)


< 雇用形態 > 正社員
<試用期間> 6ヶ月



★Background Qualification:★
• Academic Degree: Masters or Ph.D degrees in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or related scientific fields
• Language Proficiency: good oral and written communication skills in Japanese and preferred good English communication.
• Self-motivated with high level of creativity, technical curiosity and strong team orientation, willingness for collaboration

★Required Work Experience and Skills:★
• At least 6 years’ experience of R&D working within a chemical manufacturing environment after PhD graduation, 10+ years’ of similar experience after BS/MS graduation
• Knowledge and experience in electronics materials and formulated product development, background on polymer science, organic/inorganic chemistry, thermally conductive fillers and their chemistry, knowledge on polymer-filler interactions, and/or silicone chemistry are not must but preferred
• Working experiences and customer interactions in global settings is a plus
• Understanding and practicing experiences in Six Sigma/DFSS, DOE, project management and related disciplines is a plus


• Hands-on experiences in instrumental analyses including viscosity and rheological measurements preferred
• Basic understanding and experiences in using computer programs including MS Office and Minitab or related statistical software

更新日 2021/07/13
求人番号 1814244



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