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[Global Leader in IDaaS Area] Customer Success Manager, Japan

年収:1200万 ~ 2500万



Okta Japan株式会社

Okta Japan株式会社

  • 東京都

    • 会社規模非公開
  • ソフトウエア
部署・役職名 [Global Leader in IDaaS Area] Customer Success Manager, Japan
仕事内容 ▼ About us
As a pioneer in the area of ​​”IDaaS (Identity as a Service)” that provides a set of functions related to ID management / authentication as a cloud service, we have been selected as a leader company in the Gartner ranking for 6 consecutive years in the United States. A tech company based in San Francisco.

▼ Recruitment position
The Customer Success Manager will be responsible for complementing our innovations, best practices and capabilities with our valued customers’ business objectives and priorities thereby driving higher business value and executive alignment between us and our customers.
Since it will be in the start-up phase of the Japanese corporation, it may be possible to play an active role as the core of the organization.

▼ Job Purpose
In this role, you will be tasked with providing hands-on implementation and deployment services to our customers. We are looking for an experienced, enthusiastic and hands-on leader who can rapidly learn our IDaaS platform, our technology and the value proposition that we bring to customers of all sizes. You will lead multiple concurrent customer engagements with the number one goal to ensure long-term customer success.
労働条件 Job Duties and Responsibilities:
- Serve as the primary point of contact post-implementation. Assume overall customer adoption responsibility and escalation management role.
- Develop a trusted advisor relationship with customer stakeholders and executive sponsors to drive product adoption and ensure they are leveraging the solution to achieve full business value.
- Partner with internal stakeholders to align account activities with the customer's business case and strategy.
- Prepare and educate customers on new features and releases.
- Monitor and identify adoption and utilisation trends, provide recommendations based on risk and customers’customers business - Conduct periodic customer health-checks.
- Identify renewal risk and collaborate with internal teams to remediate and ensure a successful renewal.
- Serve as the voice of the customer and collect feedback to drive continuous improvement across all areas including product.
- Work with the sales team to properly sell and positions Success Services.



Required Skills:
- Demonstrated customer success experience in SaaS organisation
- General knowledge of cloud architecture as well as on-premise IT landscape
- Knowledge of enterprise web technologies, security and cutting-edge infrastructures
- Comfortable and willing to be a hands-on contributor
- Excellent communication skills, including issue tracking, triaging and crisis management
- Experience in Process Improvement, Decision Making, Managing Processes, Planning, Analyzing Information , Developing Standards, Help Desk, Service Excellence
- Fluency in both English and Japanese


Knowledge of:
・Cloud architecture as well as on-premise IT landscape
・Enterprise web technologies, security, on-premise and cloud platforms
・Customer experience from a technology perspective includes integration and data flows that enable an optimal customer experience when interacting with a business
Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Security space preferred
・Experience in systems support is strongly preferred

Project Management
- Ability to manage multiple customer projects simultaneously.
- Ability to manage customers from inception to successful deployments and handover to sales when the leads are qualified for upsell.

Problem Solving
- Exhibits confidence and extensive knowledge of emerging industry practices when solving business problems.
- Identifies critical issues with ease.
- Pushes creative thinking beyond the boundaries of existing industry practices and customer mindsets.

- Communicates with internal and external customers and all levels of management.
- Effectively communicate technical information to non-technical audiences.
- Delivers informative, well-organized presentations.
- Understands how to communicate difficult/sensitive information tactfully.

Team and Customer Interaction
- Facilitates effective team interaction.
- Communicates effectively with customers to identify needs and evaluate alternative technical solutions with customers.
- Continually seeks opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen client relationships.
- Manages client expectations effectively

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更新日 2021/07/21
求人番号 1721853


Okta Japan株式会社
  • Okta Japan株式会社
  • 東京都

    • 会社規模非公開
  • ソフトウエア
  • 会社概要


    ガートナーが発表した「アクセス管理部門マジック・クアドラント」において、Okta は 4 年連続でリーダーの評価を獲得しました。またOkta は、マジック・クアドラントとともに発表されるガートナーの「クリティカル・ケイパビリティ」レポートにおいても、「組織内外のユーザーのアクセス管理というユースケースのニーズを満たす、市場で最も成熟した高度なAMツールの1つ」と評価されています。
    7 年前に IDaaS(Identity as a Service)のマジック・クアドラントとしてガートナーによるアイデンティティカテゴリーの評価が始まって以来、Okta は、常にリーダーとして認定されてきた唯一のベンダーです。


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