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オペレーションプログラムマネージャー / JP Operations Program Manager

年収:900万 ~ 1000万


部署・役職名 オペレーションプログラムマネージャー / JP Operations Program Manager
仕事内容 我々は、世界最大級のイーコマース企業です。現在、オペレーションプログラムマネージャー / JP Operations Program Managerを募集しています。勤務地は、目黒オフィスですが、必要に応じて国内の物流センターに出張していただきます。

We are a global E-Commerce company, currently seeking candidates to fill JP Operations Program Manager. The position is located in our Headquarters in Meguro, Tokyo and expected domestic travel to Logistics Centers when needed.

このポジションでは、HAZMAT(危険性物質・危険物)の輸送、倉庫、廃棄物の管理をメインにご担当いただきます。日本のDangerous Goods Compliance Managerにレポートし、Dangerous Goods (DG)、安全管理チームと協力の上、危険物の管理プログラムが日本/世界の法的規制に準拠しているかの確認、既存のプロセスの改善、現状のキャパシティの拡大、また各種プロジェクトや新機能の推進・ローンチに従事いただきます。グローバルのProduct Complianceチームおよび物流センターのオペレーションスタッフとともに戦略を策定し、優れたプロセスやシステムを築き上げ、継続的なプロセス改善を目指します。また業務上、関連部署(テクノロジー、輸送事業本部、法務、リテール(セールス)、物流センター等)との連携が必要となります。

The successful candidate will be primarily responsible for the management of Hazmat transportation, Storage and Waste. This person will report into the JP Dangerous Goods (DG) Compliance Manager, he/she will be working with the global DG team and local FC Operations to ensure DG meet applicable Japan/global regulatory requirements, to improve existing processes, to expand the current capacity as well as to develop and launch ambitious projects and new functionalities.

The Program Manager will strategize with Product Compliance operations staff to develop best-in-class processes and systems, and seek opportunities to continually improve processes. The successful candidate will also closely work with our Technology, Transportation, Legal, Retail, and our Logistics Centers teams.

・商品のセットアップ、承認: 各カテゴリのバイヤーと連携し、当社のコンプライアンスポリシーに則った商品のみからなる商品ラインアップを徹底する。
・トラッキング、レポート: コンプライアンスプロセスに関するデータベースや追跡システムを整備・改善し、法で定められている報告義務を果たす。

- Ensure company’s internal compliance processes and regulatory requirements relating to the fulfilment of products are followed, in particular manage: liaison with authorities, carriers, vendors on compliance issues, operational authority permits, adherence to internal compliance processes (storage conditions, expiry date processes), day-to-day ongoing support (internal enquires, expansion support);
- Clarify and communicate our compliance and quality expectations, standards and processes;
- Improve existing operational processes that pose a risk to the company by supporting the development of new tools;
- Support business expansion;
- Advise business and keep up to date with legal changes (including communication with legal teams) and latest;
- Training: work with the JP Product Compliance team to ensure stakeholders (Buying, Logistics Centers, etc.) are regularly trained and updated as per internal and local regulatory requirements;
- Product set-up and approval: Work with retail category buyers to ensure only those products are being sourced that comply with the company’s internal compliance policies;
- Tracking and reporting: Maintain and improve database and tracking system for compliance processes - fulfill reporting requirements as demanded by local law;
- Implement regular compliance audits and track completion;
- Support manager in other areas as needed.


・必要なコンピテンシー: プロセスの最初から最後まで責任を持って取り組める; あいまいな環境の中での対応能力; 体制が整っていない中でもプロセスを確立し、行動できる; 積極的に同僚と協業できる
優れた問題解決能力: 決断力を持ち、迅速かつ自信を持って問題解決に取り組む。周りの意見とぶつかることを恐れず、積極的に解決策を提案する

- Project management experience
- Previous work experience in a fast-paced, changing/growing organization
- Key Competencies: A-Z process ownership; deals well with ambiguity, function well and able to clearly define processes in loosely structured situations; comfortable with following up actions from others;
Problem solving skills: acts decisively, promptly and confidently. Not afraid to contradict others and proactively offering solutions;
- Excellent communication skills both in English and Japanese at all levels with the ability to present information in a professional and mature manner (more than 800 points of TOEIC);
- Must be able to use Excel, Word and other common desktop software applications. Must also be comfortable learning web applications and proprietary software


・優れた分析力ならびにコンピュータースキル(Excel <Pivot/ Word/ Power Point/ Outlook)

- Degree qualified in transportation safety, storage safety, quality assurance or a similar discipline or equivalent professional experience
- Work experience in a logistics or retail environment with exposure to supply chain management, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, health and safety or internal auditing is an asset
- Knowledge of Japan Fire Defense Law or Dangerous Goods is a strong plus
- Knowledge of data warehouse and SQL
- Strong analytical and computer skills (Excel <Pivot/ Word/ Power Point/ Outlook)

アピールポイント 従業員数1000人以上 シェアトップクラス 2年連続売り上げ10%以上UP 年間休日120日以上 自社サービス・製品あり 外資系企業 女性管理職実績あり 20代管理職実績あり 上場企業 産休・育休取得実績あり ストックオプション制度あり 社内公用語が英語 教育・研修制度充実 フレックスタイム マネジメント業務なし 完全土日休み
更新日 2020/07/15
求人番号 1211355




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